Nipmee Nipple Covers

Embrace Freedom and Confidence

Nipmee Nipple Covers

Embrace Freedom and Confidence

nipmee nipple cover

Reusable Pasties & Breast Petals

Elevate your confidence with our premium nipple covers, offering seamless style and discreet coverage. Go braless with confidence, all day long.

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Ultra-Thin Design

Experience ultimate comfort with our ultra-thin nipple covers that seamlessly blend with your skin, providing a natural and smooth look under any outfit.

Hypoallergenic Materials
Waterproof and Sweat-Resistant
Reusable and Long-Lasting

Secure Adhesive

The strong, yet skin-friendly adhesive keeps the covers securely in place, so you can move confidently without worrying about slippage.

Long-Lasting Hold
Gentle on Skin
Easy Removal
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Natalia Arango nipmee

I’ve bought a lot of pasties over the years but these are the bestttt. I absolutely love how they come in a little case, it helps to keep them clean! They’re actually super comfortable, you almost don’t even feel them, and they stick all night. Highly recommend!!

Natalie Arango

Why nipmee?

At Nipmee, we understand the unique needs of modern women who seek both comfort and confidence in their daily lives.

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Here’s why Nipmee nipple covers are the perfect choice for you:

Premium Comfort: Our nipple covers are crafted from medical-grade silicone, ensuring a soft and gentle touch on your skin. Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional bras and enjoy the freedom to move with ease.
Discreet Protection: Designed to be virtually invisible under any outfit, Nipmee nipple covers provide seamless coverage. Whether you're wearing a backless dress, a sheer top, or heading to the beach, our covers keep you feeling secure and confident.
Reusable and Durable: Nipmee nipple covers are not only comfortable but also eco-friendly. They can be reused up to 50 times with proper care, making them a sustainable and cost-effective choice.
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Silicone Nipple Covers For Women (Hypoallergenic & Invisible) with Travel Case



Product details

Fabric type- Silicone
Care instructions- Hand Wash Only
Origin- Imported
Country of Origin- Thailand

These customers can't be wrong

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Cute packaging and super soft!

This came is such a cute pink color, the packaging was very well designed. The material is very soft and comfortable on the skin! Most nipple covers slide, these stayed in place and didn’t irritate my skin! This is definitely a must buy.

Nipmee reviews

Grace kelly

Amazon Customer

I love these! Totally reusable, soft so they don’t rub against fabric, super cute carrying case. I love that there are different colors to choose from. Totally recommend!

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Sarah M.

Comfortable and works great

nipmee nipple cover reviews

Amazing Coverage

I love this product because it does everything as advertised. In most of the tops I wear, you can see my nipples poking through. This always made me self conscious as I couldn’t help but notice people glance down as I helplessly tried to talk to them. The best part is, they blend in with my skin tone so well. I will always prefer this over boob tape because 

1) boob tape is one time use and 

2) it’s always noticeable. 

While it is a little pricey in my opinion, it’s definitely worth buying because these will last a long time if you treat them well.


Our most asked questions

What materials are Nipmee nipple covers made of?

Nipmee nipple covers are made from premium medical-grade silicone, ensuring a soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic experience.

Are Nipmee nipple covers waterproof?

Yes, Nipmee nipple covers are waterproof and stay securely in place, even during swimming or intense activities.

Will Nipmee nipple covers stay in place during physical activities?

Absolutely! Our secure adhesive ensures that Nipmee nipple covers stay in place, providing you with confidence and comfort throughout the day.

Are Nipmee nipple covers safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, Nipmee nipple covers are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They are made from high-quality, skin-friendly materials.

How many times can I reuse Nipmee nipple covers?

With proper care, Nipmee nipple covers can be reused up to 50 times, making them a durable and cost-effective choice.

How do I clean my Nipmee nipple covers?

To clean your Nipmee nipple covers, gently hand wash them with mild soap and water. Allow them to air dry before storing them in the provided travel case.

Can I wear Nipmee nipple covers with all types of clothing?

Yes, Nipmee nipple covers are designed to be invisible under all types of clothing, including backless dresses, sheer tops, and swimwear.

What sizes are available for Nipmee nipple covers?

Nipmee nipple covers are available in a universal size that fits most women comfortably. The flexible silicone material adapts to different breast shapes and sizes.

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